RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH

ZRX High Dynamic Receivers for VNAs

Key Features:

  • fullband operation
  • compatible with ZCxxx Series


  • Vector Network Analysis
  • Signal and Spectrum Analysis


Common specifications for all ZRX Receivers in this series:

LO input power: +7 dBm

IF Frequency Range: 1 - 2500 MHz



TypeRF Frequency [GHz]Receiver Response [dB (typ.)]System NF [dB (typ.)]Dynamic [dB (typ.)]RF Input PortLO Multipl. FactorLO VSWRIF VSWRLO Frequency Range [GHz]LO Damage Level [dBm]Part-No.
ZRX170110 - 170+515130WM-1651 (UG387 and IEEE flange compatible)122:11.5:16.875 - 10.625+163622.0737.02
ZRX220140 - 220+515135WM-1295 (UG387 and IEEE flange compatible)121.6:11.5:111.66 - 18.34+123622.0743.02
ZRX260170 - 260+515120WM-1092 (UG387 and IEEE flange compatible)122:12.3:114.16 - 21.67+103622.0750.02
ZRX330220 - 330+515120WM-864 (UG387 and IEEE flange compatible)242:12.3:19.16 - 13.75+123622.0766.02
ZRX400260 - 400+515120WM-710 (UG387 and IEEE flange compatible)202:12.3:113.00 - 20.00+12
ZRX500330 - 500+1525115WM-570 (UG387 and IEEE flange compatible)362:12.3:19.16 - 13.88+123622.0772.02
ZRX750500 - 750+1525115WM-380 (UG387 an IEEE flange compatible)362:12.3:113.88 - 20.83+12